Mechanical processing

The goal is to provide clients with a product with a tangible added value, that is a full and complete semi-finished product. A mechanical machining department next to the moulding department can handle moulded products made from brass, aluminium and other non-ferrous alloys.

The ZMF section of mechanical processing to eliminate shavings is composed of different types of production machines that differ in type, size and complexity of the product that must be processed.

ZMF can mechanically machine almost all forged components. The fleet of machinery for this process is a service complementary to the moulding process.


TRANSFERZMF has a broad fleet of transfer machines for different processing needs. These vary from simple operations that can be done using transfer fixed grip machines for 3 way defined products to rotary machines for 4 or 5 way processing. The solutions offered by this type of numeric control machines where processing happens in different phases are usually drilling, turning, milling, threading and cutting.

Numeric control milling

FRESATURACompletely automated numeric control machinery with pallet for simultaneous production processing of numerous components fro 3 to 5 axis and continuous processing create the mechanical processing solution with the best balance between cost, quality and processing tolerance requested.

Automated loading robots

robotZMF associates its numeric control machinery and transfer to a series of robotized mechanical arms that vary in size and work capacity. These can move semi manufactured components during mechanical processing, optimizing and speeding up the production process in all safety.

Grey chamber

camera-grigiaTo guarantee a product that is up to all standards ZMF uses advanced quality control technologies during multiple phases of the production process. A specific area with controlled temperature and atmosphere was set up to create constant and accurate conditions when using instruments to control size, shape and forge quality.


brocciaturaTo guarantee a perfect repetition of constant and complex geometries ZMF offers a broaching process that can create the requested geometry in a single movement with high accuracy and close tolerance through the use of a pre shaped tool.